The Australian MND DNA Bank, University of Sydney NSW

The aim of this database is to provide a resource for researchers undertaking studies into the causes of motor neurone diseases. The clinical information held in the MND Registry relating to clinical phenotypes will provide a powerful adjunct to studies of the genetics of MND/ALS. To find out more; head to

MND Tissue Bank of Victoria. mndRTBv

The aim of the Victorian Brain Bank Network (VBBN) in collaboration with the Motor Neurone Disease Research Tissue Bank of Victoria (mndRTBv) is to provide Australian and international clinicians and researchers with access to brain and spinal cord tissue and to relevant clinical information that can be used for research into Motor neurone disease (MND).To find out more; head to

The Sporadic ALS Australia Systems Genomics Consortium (SALSA-SGC)

SALSA-SGC brings together established ALS researchers, ALS research clinicians and researchers new to ALS with expertise in analysis of genomics big data. The consortium is led by Professor Naomi Wray, from the University of Queensland and Associate Professor Ian Blair, from Macquarie University, NSW. To find out more; head to